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UMthetho ungaphezu kwakho konke

The Law reigns supreme

Die oppergesag van die Reg




On 3 June 2008, in Pietermaritzburg, a group of Public Sector Lawyers adopted the Constitution of the KwaZulu-Natal Association of Public Sector Lawyers.


For the first time, since the establishment of the new democratic order in South Africa, lawyers attached to, and serving the executive and legislative branches of government, have felt the need to voluntarily organise themselves into an association which attempts to set high standards for the provision of legal support services in the public sector in accordance with a strict and laudable Code of Ethics which is justiciable for purposes of disciplinary action against members of the Association.


If you are a lawyer in the public sector in KwaZulu-Natal, we would like you to know who we are and what we stand for.


Take a look at our Constitution and Code of Ethics (appearing directly after the Constitution as Schedule 1) and if you are in agreement with the basic principles we stand for, perhaps you would like to join us?


Together we can make a difference!


Click on the Links below to find out more ...


Download a Membership Application Form.


Download KAPSL Promotional Document.


Membership Benefits.


NOTE: KAPSL is independent, politically neutral, non-partisan and autonomous from any political organisations or interests. KAPSL is currently not affiliated to, or associated with, any other voluntary, professional or advocacy association, body or organisation.

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If you would like your own copy of the KAPSL Promotional DVD at a nominal fee, please contact our Secretary.


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